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Fun is part of the mix of love, wisdom, and connecting to the wider universe soul teachings provided in the 9 month Journey Through the Chakras. One Sunday per month is a wonderful time length. This course is Self empowering and taught with a deep respect for our individuality.  My words are insufficient to give justice to its worth.

Margie Revell
Auckland NZ

The SPJ Teacher Trainer Course was a must do when I read: Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom – Become a Powerful Woman. For too long I had been neglecting my inner voice telling me to stop hiding and show the world how powerful I am.

It has been a remarkable journey. The Ritual Theatre presentations allowed me to express, deeply feel, honour and transform the feminine in me.

The esoteric learnings have been of great value strengthening my belief system in the wisdom these teachings hold.

To impart with confidence the ability to assist and guide other women as they move through their spiritual development is indeed a blessing.


This Quest was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Jessica and Misha guided us lovingly and lightly through all our inner and outer journeys. I will treasure the deep friendships and connections woven during the Quest for the rest of my life.

Katrin Haiba
Brooklyn, New York

At first I was reluctant to go through the process of a ‘Life Review’ I thought I’d spent years ‘working’ on my issues and struggled to see the point. All I can say is thank goodness I did. Reviewing my life with the loving guidance of Jessica and Misha has been invaluable. It allowed me to reframe certain events in my life and interactions with people, so that I can now receive the gift of the role they have played in my life and I in theirs. I was able to look back at the young me with love and kindness and see the courage and determination that has brought me to the ‘me’ I am today. Presenting my story to people who accepted and honoured it, enabled me to truly move forward with clarity.

I strongly recommend this SPJ course to anyone who wants to step into their future with full understanding of and gratitude for their life so far.

Auckland, NZ

I urge you to take this magical journey to profound personal change. The Maui Labyrinth Retreat allowed me to walk through the labyrinth doorway to meet this mystical land and myself.

Nancy King
Wellington, NZ

Both my New Mexico Desert and my Oceania Maui Quest have been transformational, soul healing adventures. My mind, my body, and my spirit deeply relaxed. I felt very much loved and accepted. Incredible visions, clarity of thought and sweet release all came naturally.

Boulder, Colorado