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RETREATS AND QUESTSWe offer weekend and longer Retreats and Quests in New Zealand, Maui, New Mexico and France. Questing is a tradition that involves going apart from your normal life and seeking a Vision related to your Calling. Read more
COUNSELLINGUsing Numerology, Dreams, Visualization, Mandalas, Journalling, Gestalt and Ceremony to assist you in personal and spiritual healing. Available for brief or longer-term counselling with flexible hours and fees.Read more
NUMEROLOGYGuiding people to their mission in this lifetime through Numerology, the esoteric science developed by the Greeks, especially Pythagoras the Father of Numbers. Understand why your here and what to do about it!Read more
LEADERSHIP TRAININGWe believe that everyone has a leader within, waiting for further development and expression. We know that both depth and breadth are needed to adequately fulfil the task of spiritual teaching. Read more
SELF DISCOVERYWe offer a variety of Personal Counselling sessions and a Life Review so that you will have a more complete understanding of your life’s path. We are available for online as well as in-person sessions.Read more
MYSTERY SCHOOLOur Mystery School weaves Ancient Wisdom teachings with contemporary psychological and New Physics understandings through the template of the 7 Chakra System.Read more