Our Mystery School weaves Ancient Wisdom teachings with contemporary psychological and New Physics understandings through the template o f the 7 Chakra System. All of what a human being experiences in life can be addressed through the Chakras, from issues of safety and groundedness to the most ethereal openings. We emphasize the development of our rainbow consciousness, uniting our heaven and earth within and through the heart.

This Mystery School is primarily experiential with a focus on creativity, addressing the whole person from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. In the Platonic tradition of “Know Thyself” we interpret the word “Mystery” as “My Story”, the mystery of who I AM in this incarnation.

The Mystery School Teachings are substantially introduced in a weekend Journey through the Chakras. A fuller understanding is available through a 9 weekday evening Journey through the Chakras. The 9 week sessions begin with an introductory evening, proceeds over 7 weekly sessions and completes with a Rainbow Integration evening. The 9 month Journey through the Chakras offers a comprehensive, deeply transformational opportunity one day a month for 9 consecutive months. The choice of Journey is generally self-selected according to prior learning, experience, development, calling and readiness.

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Fun is part of the mix of love, wisdom, and connecting to the wider universe soul teachings provided in the 9 month Journey Through the Chakras. One Sunday per month is a wonderful time length. This course is Self empowering and taught with a deep respect for our individuality.  My words are insufficient to give justice to its worth.

Margie Revell
Auckland NZ

The SPJ Teacher Trainer Course was a must do when I read: Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom – Become a Powerful Woman. For too long I had been neglecting my inner voice telling me to stop hiding and show the world how powerful I am. It has been a remarkable journey. The Ritual Theatre presentations allowed me […]


At first I was reluctant to go through the process of a ‘Life Review’ I thought I’d spent years ‘working’ on my issues and struggled to see the point. All I can say is thank goodness I did. Reviewing my life with the loving guidance of Jessica and Misha has been invaluable. It allowed me […]

Auckland, NZ

I really enjoyed the retreat at Maui and am keen to return in 2015.

Auckland, NZ

The Retreat led to a major breakthrough in my life, to release remnants of shame which had been holding me back personally and professionally.

Auckland, NZ

My Maui experience was a wonderful opportunity for deep inner exploration while being held in a circle of support. On top of it all, it was fun!

Elisabeth Crago
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Both my New Mexico Desert and my Oceania Maui Quest have been transformational, soul healing adventures. My mind, my body, and my spirit deeply relaxed. I felt very much loved and accepted. Incredible visions, clarity of thought and sweet release all came naturally.

Boulder, Colorado

My Quest was a truly memorable life-changing experience. The benefits of this deep transformational work have had a lasting effect on my life.

Auckland, NZ

I’ve been so blessed to have experienced this Quest with Jessica and Misha. These types of healing and nourishing events don’t come along very often. I highly recommend this Quest to anyone looking for growth, connection and transformation.

Judy Lawrence
Albuquerque, New Mexico
An in depth, experiential introduction to the meaning of the Chakras and their use in everyday life.
An intermediate exploration that attends to the most important questions in your life and moves you out of “stuckness” residuals.

A very deep, detailed journey on 9 Sundays (March – November) that is sure to change your life in both the personal and spiritual arenas. Fundamental transformation.