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SoulPath Journeys is an international vehicle of expression for those who realize that they are spiritual beings on a human journey; who know that they have a soul and are consciously seeking to align themselves with their soul energy and mission, the Path of their Soul. We offer a variety of Journeys which assist with that alignment. Our Journeys are safe and practical, inspiring and deeply respectful of each person’s development, worth and contribution. We value and encourage Presence, Integrity and Heart as we prepare individuals for expanded leadership roles. We primarily work with the empowerment of women to encourage gender equality, respect and balance.

We offer trainings and courses, both online and in person, that emphasise creativity and engaged personal experience. We would be delighted to Journey with you if that is your Call.

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SoulPath Journeys was founded by Misha Crosbie M.Ed and Jessica Fleming M.M.H of Auckland, New Zealand. As acknowledged Elders with extensive life and professional experience Misha and Jessica are committed to quality service for humanity and our beautiful planet.

Misha Crosbie

Misha was born in New Zealand. She has had a background of spiritual education and practice throughout her 26 years in a Catholic Order and since her departure from there has, in the last 20 years, furthered her spiritual development through exposure to metaphysical and shamanic teachings and practices. Misha has teaching experience at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. She has been a counsellor in the public sector, maintains a small private practice, and is an international trainer and workshop facilitator.

Contact Misha

Phone (NZ): 021 048 1421
Phone (USA): 609 423 6838
Email: misha@soulpathjourneys.com
Skype: SoulPath Journeys

Jessica Fleming

Jessica was born in Maryland, United States and is an American/New Zealand dual citizen, mentoring and mothering/grandmothering in both hemispheres. She has a thorough grounding in metaphysics, American Indian practices and expressive therapies. Jessica has maintained a private counseling practice since 1975; has directed two holistic centers; and has offered trainings internationally since the ‘70s.

Contact Jessica

Phone (NZ): 021 167 9557
Phone (USA): 609 423 6838
Email: jessica@soulpathjourneys.com
Skype: SoulPath Journeys

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Retreats and Quests

Questing is a deeply respected tradition that involves going apart from your normal life and seeking a Vision related to your Calling.

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Mystery Schools

Our Mystery School weaves Ancient Wisdom teachings with contemporary psychological and New Physics understandings through the template o f the 7 Chakra System.

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Leadership Training

We believe that everyone has a leader within, waiting for further development and expression. We offer a 1 year Internship and a 2 years Advanced course.

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Self Awareness

Learn about yourself through a variety of Personal Counselling sessions or an extensive Life Review.

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Short Courses

Among the variety of Short Courses we offer: Comprehensive Numerology, Understanding Dreams and The Medicine Wheel. Additionally, a number of our Affiliates and Interns are offering short courses.

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Fun is part of the mix of love, wisdom, and connecting to the wider universe soul teachings provided in the 9 month Journey Through the Chakras. One Sunday per month is a wonderful time length. This course is Self empowering and taught with a deep respect for our individuality.  My words are insufficient to give justice to its worth.

Margie Revell
Auckland NZ

The SPJ Teacher Trainer Course was a must do when I read: Reclaim Your Feminine Wisdom – Become a Powerful Woman. For too long I had been neglecting my inner voice telling me to stop hiding and show the world how powerful I am. It has been a remarkable journey. The Ritual Theatre presentations allowed me […]


At first I was reluctant to go through the process of a ‘Life Review’ I thought I’d spent years ‘working’ on my issues and struggled to see the point. All I can say is thank goodness I did. Reviewing my life with the loving guidance of Jessica and Misha has been invaluable. It allowed me […]

Auckland, NZ

Currently SoulPath Journeys offers Courses, Retreats and Quests in the following countries: New Zealand, mainland States, Hawai’i, Fiji, and our Associates offer courses in Estonia, Mexico and Australia.

Elizabeth MeadowNousoma Health Centre

Elizabeth Meadows established the Nousoma Health Centre in 2006 to develop her long-held interest in holistic healing.

Elisabeth CragoWomen’s Health and Wellness

Elisabeth Crago has an extensive background in women’s health and wellness and a deep grounding in female energy ecology.

Phone: USA 412-445-0004

Trish HucklePersonal Development

Trish Huckle has spent many years teaching personal development courses in counselling and social services programmes.

Email: trishzz80@gmail.com

Erica JohanninkJin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Erica Johannink has a private practice as a Jin Shin Jyutsu (Acupressure) Practitioner and Counsellor.

Phone: NZ 021 917 828

Email: johannink@xtra.co.nz